I’ve Twitter for four-and-a-half years now. These past three-and-a-half weeks have been my most Twitter active weeks since 2012. Because of my June class, Web for Mass Communications, I’ve been able to explore Twitter in so many other ways than I would have done on my own. Through books we’ve read and just by tweeting fifteen times a week, my eyes have been opened to how much the rest of the world actually values Twitter and uses it as a tool of communication.

I always knew it was used, but I didn’t realize it was used so seriously. People converse with their favorite brands through Twitter. The good brands keep the conversation going. People live-tweet television shows and talk about things they have in common with, what used to be, strangers. Many companies who are active on Twitter use it as a marketing tool to reward customers for giving shout-outs to their brand or being loyal. They also use it to nip what could become PR crises in the bud, before they get out of hand. These days, Twitter has everything a marketing or customer service expert needs all in one place.

Three hundred and ten million people use Twitter actively (DMR). As a Mass Communication major, I can’t think of anywhere else you would have access to three hundred and ten million people besides a social media platform. And not only do you have access to them, your customers have instant access to you. That can make or break you. Thank goodness we read Groundswell and have taken a class on Hootsuite so that I can effectively use Twitter in my professional and personal life. They both have taught me how to engage with customers the right way, without getting overwhelmed, and how to do it without it taking up majority of my day. I

will definitely be using lists, hashtags, and the @mention function more often, because I was pleasantly surprised by the traffic that my Twitter page got for utilizing just those three things. I’ve gotten numerous retweets, mentions, and favorites from just using things that I’ve learned in this class and by using Hootsuite to keep track of a filtered Twitter stream, I’m able to see things that interesting to me without having to scroll through endless amounts of irrelevant information on my Twitter feed. I think it’s safe to say that Twitter has officially beat out Pinterest as my new favorite social media platform.