I reviewed the session Content Marketing: What Works Now from the Edelman 2014 Academic Summit. Content is a difficult thing to define and a hard thing to produce. It doesn’t have just one box that you can put it into, content can be anything and everything done by a company. It’s every action that the public sees.

You would never think content is so hard to produce, because usually when we see content all over Twitter it is clever and every brand is constantly coming up with changing content. I never  thought about how long it would take them to produce this content and how far in advance they have to look for content, work on producing content and decide where it would be best posted for the world to see.

I think the app, Insights, that the journalist created in the video is an interesting way of measuring what content works and what doesn’t. It doesn’t tell you the basic insights like how many clicks you get or how many times your post was shared; it tells you the things that mattered: how many people visited your site more than once, what other things they did while on your site (did they visit other tabs? did they get up and make a sandwich?) and what content on your page was the most intriguing. With content producers spending so much time on the things they produce, they need to know these things so that they aren’t producing unlikeable content over and over again. This would be such a helpful app, because it honestly doesn’t matter how many people click on your site. I have clicked on sites before by accident, because I meant to click on something else and the page accidentally scrolled down. Or I ‘ve clicked on what looked like something I would enjoy, but once I got to the page I realized that I probably wouldn’t like the story, so I’m not going to waste my time reading it.

Companies would measure my accidental click or my two-second interest click as “someone clicked on our link, our content is working” whereas that may not actually be the case. I’m really glad someone thought to come up with the application Insight, because if more businesses utilize it, it could solve a lot of problems and produce content that people actually want to click on and stay interested in for more than two minutes. They need to know what elements are working for them and what aren’t, not just basic analytics.